What is GatsbyJS?

GastbyJS is a react based, static web page generator. It can be used to build static pages that at the same time are Progressive Web Apps. GatsbyJS is very popular because it is extremely fast and increases the web page performance. Want to know more about the advantages? Keep on scrolling.

What are the advantages of having web page build with Gatsby?

  • Performance improvement: this kind of web sites load 2-3 times faster and optimizes the page by default. This makes SEO easier.
  • Mobile Support: with Gatsby you set mobile first, which in these days is very important. Furthermore Gatsby provides offline support and can be installed as an app. Your shop will always be available.
  • Flexibility: a CMS often limits you when it comes to designing custom pages. With GatsbyJS there are no limits, you can design whatever you want!
  • Time-saving: a static eCommerce web page is quick and easy to develop.
  • More secure: due to that the sites are only built once, they are resistant to standard hacker attacks and therefore more secure. No need for regularly security updates of the CMS.
  • Reliability: Since a static online shop uses a CDN, there will not be any downtime. If one server is offline, the files will be served by another one.
  • Money-saving: A static web site is cheaper than a dynamic one because it is build faster.
Keep on reading, we will show you what you can do with GatsbyJS.

What exactly can you show on a static web site?

  • A static web page contains fixed content. This doesn't mean that you're limited when it comes to the design of your web page. These days you can create almost everything on a static web site. Here is a list with examples:
  • Custom contact or order forms
  • A login area for registered users
  • A shop with checkout and payment
  • Implementation of search filters
  • Web app for a mobile first approach
  • The page can be SEO optimised very fast

How can you manage your web page content with Gatsby?

  • Update content with an easy to handle CMS
  • Easy deployment with test and development environment
Scroll a little bit more and you will see some real examples.

Which pages have we created with gatsby?

SpaceFrog Website

Designed by us

Frontend using Bootstrap

Backend with Gatsby

Hosted on Netlify

Managing SEA and SEO

Alliantum Website

Designed by us

Created with Gatsby

Hosted on Netlify

Managing SEA and SEO

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Gatsby?

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