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Who are we

Space Frog is a German web development company powered by a small Spanish team of talented individuals, founded from an innovative trading company out of despair at the availability and reliability of local IT companies. Our core competences are web development as well as online marketing. We offer you a multilingual, full-service web solutions and bring your web page up to date.

What we do

We create breathtaking and innovative webpages with state-of-the-art technology. Our specialisation are our static web skills since we are convinced that this is the future. Web pages, product catalogues, online shops - we build everything you want! Holistic, perfectionistic, up to date and always with fun at the projects, that's Space Frog.

Our knowledge

Why use a static web?

What are the advantages of having a static web page instead of a dynamic one?

  • Performance improvement: when it comes to SEO it's preferably to have a static website because they load 2-3 times faster than dynamic ones and can be deployed in a CDN around the world to have it fast everywhere.
  • Mobile Support: with the build-in progressive web apps support you put mobile first, which in these days is very important. Furthermore the page has offline support and can be installed as an app.
  • Flexibility: a CMS often limits you when it comes to designing custom pages. However on a static web page you can design whatever you want.
  • Time-saving: a static web page is quick and easy to develop.
  • More secure: due to that the sites are only built once, they are resistant to standard hacker attacks and therefore more secure. No need for regularly security updates of the CMS.
  • Reliability: Since a static web page uses a CDN, there will not be any downtime. If one server is offline, the files will be served by another one.
  • Money-saving: A static page is cheaper than dynamic ones because they are build faster.

What exactly can you show on a static webpage?

  • A static web page contains fixed content. This doesn't mean that you're limited when it comes to the design of your web page. These days you can create almost everything on a static web site. Here is a list with examples:
  • Custom Contact or Order forms
  • A login area for registered users
  • An online shop with checkout and payment
  • Implementation of search filters
  • Web app for a mobile first approach
  • The page can be SEO optimised very fast

How can you manage your web page content?

  • Update content with an easy to handle CMS
  • Easy deployment with test and development environment

Our services

What do we offer?

Web development

Apart from creating a web site according your wishes with the newest technology, we can help you with analysing your IT needs and defining reachable goals.

Web design

Our goal is to create a fresh and modern design for your site, shop or product catalogue. You will stand out from the competition!

Online marketing

Due to our skills and our experience your web site will be SEO optimised from the beginning.

Our Projects


Designed by alveus®

Frontend with Bootstrap

Backend with Grav

Managing SEA and SEO

Managing Newsletter

Hosted by us


Designed by alveus®

Frontend with Bootstrap

Backend with PrestaShop

Managing Amazon Shop too

Hosted by us

SpaceFrog Website

Designed by us

Frontend using Bootstrap

Backend with Gatsby

Hosted on Netlify

Managing SEA and SEO

Alliantum Website

Designed by us

Created with Gatsby

Hosted on Netlify

Managing SEA and SEO

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